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You don't have to play like a pro to win like one.

PinSeeker makes it easy to get the pro experience, with the cash and prizes to match. You don’t need pro-level skill or a $1000 set of irons, either.

When you enter a tournament, you’ll play just one hole. Take up to five swings per tournament, and if your ball ends up closest to the pin, you win. It’s that easy. Every PinSeeker tournament features a leaderboard, and the top 10 players at the end of the tournament will each receive gear, apparel, or a cash payout based on their position.


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Swing to Win Big

Two ways to play.

Two ways to win.

Every PinSeeker tournament is a closest-to-the-pin competition. When the tournament ends, your distance to the hole determines your place on the leaderboard. Based on the kind of tournament you enter, that could mean cool prizes like gear and apparel, or big cash payouts.

Pinseeker Cash Tournaments

Every PinSeeker cash tournament has an entry fee that entitles you to five swings on the hole. Players in the top leaderboard positions receive cash prizes, with the top scorer walking away with a cash purse. With every cash tournament, a cash donation equal to the top prize is donated to a charity chosen by the winner from a list of PinSeeker charitable partners.

Pinseeker Gear Tournaments

PinSeeker gear tournaments allow you to take up to five swings per hole. When the tournament ends, the top players on that tournament’s leaderboard receive exclusive prizes that include golf gear, apparel, and merchandise. The closer you are to the pin, the better your prize.