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Play to Win

There are other virtual golf tournaments out there, but PinSeeker adds something extra-special to the mix: An opportunity to change lives. If you win one of our pay-to-enter tournaments, you get a sizable cash prize. But it gets even better, because for every dollar you win, we give the same amount to one of our charitable partners. And you get to decide which one.

Imagine the feeling of winning. Now add on to that the feeling of making a huge difference for an organization that really deserves it.

PinSeeker mission

The PinSeeker Mission

Golf tournaments raise over $4 Billion annually in North America. PinSeeker is proud to carry on that tradition by enabling charities and cause groups to host effective, profitable fundraising events. With PinSeeker, your event can reach more potential donors across a wider range of constituencies, while offering you a powerful combination of reduced risk and higher potential donation totals. PinSeeker guarantees a larger net percentage than any other donation-oriented golf event, and a higher net profit for your group with every event.

But there’s another aspect that makes PinSeeker a total game-changer for charitable contributions. For every dollar in prize money awarded at a PinSeeker tournament, an equal amount is given to one of our charitable partners. And that’s a big win for everyone.